Innovation Partnership: Procurement by Co-Design



Program Overview

The future of health depends on innovation — from individual well-being to the broader system that supports it. Technological breakthroughs keep medical science moving forward. Progressive approaches to the delivery of health services benefit more lives by accelerating the application of those breakthroughs.

So what if those who deliver services and those who create the breakthroughs, were to join forces?

Innovation Partnership: Procurement by Co-Design is a unique program that offers healthcare-service providers something rare: the opportunity to participate in the development of innovative solutions before procuring them. In turn, technology and service innovators with scalable business models can gain unprecedented access to end users and validate use cases to remain competitive.

Using a collaborative design approach, the program targets complex systemic problems while complying with the Broader Public Sector (BPS) procurement guidelines.


Grants available

Select teams will receive grants based on the recommendations of an independent judging panel:

  • $15 – 25k for committing to using the procurement by co-design process
  • Up to $50k towards acquiring the co-designed validated solutions

The program will take the form of a competition, attracting teams of healthcare providers and technology vendors. The competition follows the new, streamlined procurement approach, and encourages the procurement of validated solutions by offering up to $50k in awards to the teams that developed them.